Current Concepts 2024
Necessary vs. Unnecessary Surgery ?…


For this 2022 edition, 2 surgeries will be broadcasted live and 8 will be relive.

In all cases, you will be able to ask questions and World-class surgeons will be able to answer you live !

Thursday, June 9

13:30 RE-LIVE SURGERY #1 : Arthroscopic AC-Joint Reconstruction for Chronic Dislocation
Surgeon: Markus Scheibel MD
Moderators: Jon T. Tokish MD & Alexandre Laederman MD

14:00 RE-LIVE SURGERY #2: Arthoscopic Bankart with Hill-Sachs Remplissage
Surgeon: Matt Provencher MD
Moderators: Philippe Valenti, MD & George Athwal MD, FRCS (C)
14:30 LIVE SURGERY: Arthroscopic Guided Latarjet with Suture-Button Fixation
Surgeon: Pascal Boileau MD
Moderators: Matthew T. Provencher, MD & Emilio Calvo, MD
15:30 RE-LIVE SURGERY #3: Arthroscopic Latarjet with Screw Fixation
Surgeon: Laurent Lafosse MD
Moderators: Jon JP Warner, MD & Gilles Walch MD
16:00 RE-LIVE SURGERY #4: Arthroscopic Modified Weaver-Dunn Procedure for Chronic ACJ Dislocations
Surgeon: Pascal Boileau MD
Moderators: Jon T Tokish, MD & Gilles Walch MD
Friday, June 10
15:15 RE-LIVE SURGERY #5 : RSA for Displaced 4-Part Fracture
Surgeon: Pascal Boileau, MD
Moderators: Nicolas Bonnevialle MD & John Sperling, MD

15:45 RE-LIVE SURGERY #6 : Arthroscopic Cuff Repair with Scaffold
Surgeon: Markus Scheibel, MD
Moderators: Mat Provencher, MD, Thibaud Lafosse MD & Jay Keener, MD
16:15 LIVE SURGERY: Latissimus Dorsi Transfer & Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty for a CLEER Patient
Surgeon: Pascal Boileau, MD
Moderators: Philippe Valenti, MD & Jon JP Warner, MD
17:15 RE-LIVE SURGERY #7 : How I perform a RSA for Cuff Tear Arthritis
Surgeon: Mark Frankle, MD
Moderators: Gilles Walch, MD & David Dines, MD
17:45 RE-LIVE SURGERY #8 : Allograft Reconstruction & RSA for Severe Proximal Humeral Bone Loss :THE MAYO TECHNIQUE
Surgeon: Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo, MD, PhD
Moderators: G. Athwal, MD FRCS(C) & François Sirveaux, MD

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